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QPed (August 2015-Current)

The robot I'm currently developing

The goal is for QPed to walk around naturally, controlled by the user, sensing obstructions on its way and automatically overcoming them if possible.
It should also be able to work with different number and different kinds of legs, based on a generic IK algorithm.

Evolution Simulation (August 2015)

Source Code

A simple cell evolution simulation. Each cell has a genome and a memory, and during its lifetime it executes the genome.
The cell that eats the most food pellets/lives the longest leaves the most offspring.
User can accelerate or decelerate the simulation speed, select individual cells and in debug mode can also see which operation is being executed.
All controls are shown at the beginning.

LokLok (August 2013 - June 2015)

Play Store

LokLok is a social drawing app. It allows you to create a group of friends with whom you share funny pictures, you can join with a loved one and share romantic morning drawings, or to simply stay in touch with your family.
I worked on LokLok almost since the beginning, first I developed a prototype for the drawing, and later on I joined the team as a full time member where I was in charge of developing the UI. Eventually became the lead developer in charge of keeping the code base clean and orgaized, distributing tasks, and in general keeping the app in a maintainable state, as well as working on the UI.

S Educate (January 2014)

One of Kwamecorp's first bigger projects. S-Educate was an app we developed in for Samsung and Khan Academy. Unfortunately, because of lack of support it ended up fading away.
I was in charge of the UI and attaching the Samsung pen interface.

Out Of Time: LD 27 Entry [Litterbox Engine] (August 2013)

Source Code
LudumDare entry page

Game I made over a weekend and a bit on monday, entered into the Ludumdare 27 Jam with the theme "10 Seconds".
You're a spy that has to save the world, but you've ran out of time and there are only 10 seconds left.
What will you do?

Out Of Time Controls:
  • Arrows to run
  • Z to interact
  • Other keys to type passwords
  • Enter to use password

Builder Fight, Nano Dare Game (April 2013)

I've decided to try out making a game in one day with an old Ludum Dare theme: "Construction/Destruction"
The result is a 2 player game where each player has to reach their star by building and destroying their opponents tower.

Bunneh: LD 26 Entry [Unity] (April 2013)

Game I made in a weekend for LudumDare 26 with the theme "Minimalism". You are a bunny being hunted by a falcon.

Bunneh Controls:
  • WSAD to run
  • Space to leap
  • Mouse to Look around
  • Left Mouse Button to Eat/Burrow

LifeBeat (August 2012)

LifeBeat was Kwamecorp's social network aggregator app.
First complete Android application I worked on. As usual I was in charge of UI, with some Facebook, Twitter API handling to gather user info.

Litterbox Engine (2008-2013)

Litterbox is my pet engine. I've worked on it on and off for 5 years, with 5 distinct versions, each new one correcting the problems the previous version had
Currently I no longer work on it. I realized that making a generic game engine while being a solo developer gets you running in circles without ever releasing a game.

Litterbox 1 screenshot Litterbox 1 screenshot Litterbox 2 screenshot Litterbox 2 screenshot Litterbox 3 Horde3D screenshot Litterbox 3 Horde3D screenshot

GLSL Deferred Lighting [src] (November 2011)

This is an experiment I made in about 2 days in Novermber 2011. Its a part of a series of experiments I'll be making while looking for a job. The code is included as well, should run just fine on a windows but since it runs on SDL you can compile it on Linux and Mac if you really want to. This experiment has 40 lights acting on the model at once. I didn't use aditive blending on the lighting pass since it left model far too bright to notice the lights.

Shader Viewer (July 2011)

I created this program at CoVii to help me build new special effects using shaders. It hotloaded a configurable pipeline and geometry info from an XML file making it perfect for experimentation.

Shader Viewer screenshot

ViiTable (May 2011 - November 2011)

ViiTable was one of CoVii's most notable products. It's a multi-touch HD interface.
I've developed most of the demos for it as well as the multitouch UI that supported it.
Sadly these are the only screenshots I have left, but as you can see from the video it was pretty neat.

Viitable Presentation screenshot

ViiMotion (January 2011 - November 2011)

ViiMotion was CoVii's flagship product.
It worked like a kinect, detecting the depth of the image at every point which then our CV specialist translated into discreete inputs.
My job on it was to develop a number of demos and applications for clients as well as the underlying multi-touch UI engine (so basically everything above the core engine was me and our designer).
I was pretty junior back then but working on this for so long gave me quite a lot of experience and was great for learning on how to write maintainable software.

Covii Particle Challenges[download] (December 2010)

These three programs were my entrance tests to CoVii, a company I ended up working at up to November 2011. The challenges were divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1- A program that demonstrated my ability to manipulate physically the particles, and create shapes from them [Video]
  • Part 2- A program that demonstrated my ability to create trail effects using shaders.

About Me

My name is Mikolaj Kuta and I'm a programmer.

In past my passions were drawing and making games. Problem with passions is that they need inspiration, and when life kicks you over inspiration might be hard to come by.
This is where my current goal comes in:

Improve the life of people, and help advance our planetary expansion through the use of robots.

I don't know how I'll get there but goals are a good thing to have.
I also chose this because it's based on my fundamental principles, something that's not likely to disappear from one year into another like inspiration does.

My current expertise includes:

My hope is to add to this list Embedded Development, Electronics, Mechanics, Robotics, Running a team, Running a division, and finally being a CEO.

Can't blame me for not being ambitious.